Voice Over Actress Sandra

Nickname : Sandra
Age : 27
Country : UK
Exptertise : Worked with everything from commercial narration to EBook narration and custom voice overs.

Few Words From the Voice Over Actor

I’ve been told that people around the world often think that the British accent conveys a level of class and sophistication, and I’m glad to take advantage of this for your own project or endeavor. I was born and have lived in London for my life, and I encountered every kind of advertising and narration that you could imagine. People always liked me as a female voice, and I ended up turning this into a career as a female voice over actor. What I aim to do is what’s mentioned above, to bring you a narration that’s classy, concise, and effective in conveying everything you need in a lively and sophisticated way. I pride myself on the precision that I communicate my voice overs with, and I can do this with any kind of female voice over you need. I’ve worked on commercials in both the American and British markets, and have completed voice overs and narration for videos and EBooks. I continue to work to refine my voice and make sure that I can always provide my clients with exactly what they need, and I’ve got the range and professionalism to do a great job with your project!


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