Voice Over Exercises – Improve Your Pronunciation

Our interesting voice over exercises – improve your pronunciation

cheap voice overOnce you have decided to become a practicing voiceover artist there are some certain aspects of this profession that you will need to undertake for you to be successful in your quest of being a professional voiceover artist. This type of service delivery is mostly concerned with the skills you acquire rather than the knowledge you are taught by somebody and you all know that the way to perfecting any type of skills is making sure that you do some exercises on that skill. So if you have just started your voiceover service delivery process, you will be expected not to have  any experiences and therefore you will need to undertake some practice exercises for you to be a good voiceover artist. Our voice over exercises -improve your pronunciation will go an extra mile in making sure that you are able to undertake those exercises by your own and therefore you need to ensure that you get them and use them appropriately.


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What type of exercise you need to engage yourself in

Since by now you already know that there are times when you will be required to write some voiceover scripts by your clients, you need to make sure that you are able to come up with the correct content for those scripts. If you want to be successful in this particular area of creating voiceovers you need to engage yourself in a voice over exercise that concentrates on one’s ability to generate the perfect content for a voiceover script. It is during these types of exercises that you will be expected to write several good quality original voiceover scripts that clearly highlight the goal of the client when he makes it public. You will need to write as many unique voiceover scripts as possible until you are in a position to come up with the perfect ones without having to struggle much.


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If you are going to be the one to be speaking in those voiceovers then you will need to undertake the various exercises on how to make your voice perfect. For you to be a professional voice over, you will need to have a very strong voice especially if you are going to be using your voices in those voiceover files. Such an voice over techniques may be undertaken when you are required to use either a female or male voice over or even a kid’s voiceover and you are the one who is expected to come up with those particular voices yourself. You will need to practice on how to change your voice to cater for all the three type of voice overs so that you will not need to hire other voiceovers artists to do it for you especially if you intend on being an individual voiceover artist. We have a really great and useful voice over guide for you to start practising.

As with any skill, practice makes perfect. There’s plenty you can do to improve your pronunciation and become an even better voiceover artist. It’s important to consider how your mouth, lips and tongue all move to make each individual sound within every word. Use these exercises below and you’ll make your pronunciation clearer in no time.

exerciseRecite short poems that make use of all the different pronunciations of sounds written with “ough”. This is an easy thing to trip up over while you’re reading a voiceover script, so make sure you’re well aware of all the possibilities.

exercise twoFocus on minimal pairs to nail the difference between short and long vowel sounds. Start with simple pairs like “sheep” and “ship”, making sure you really enunciate the difference between the two. It can be hard for your listeners to know which is which if you cannot pronounce these distinctly.

exercise threeBreak large words into their individual phonemes, or constituent sounds. Focus on pronouncing each sound separately and then bring them together until you can pronounce the whole word clearly and effectively.

exercise fourThink about using the correct stresses for words so that your meaning isn’t lost on your audience. For example, pronouncing “address” with an emphasis on the first syllable refers to where someone lives or works. However, pronouncing it with a stress on the last syllable refers to speaking to someone.

Additional exercises worth consideration

You will sometimes find your clients assigning you a voiceover task and asking you to finish it and submit within a very short period of time and you may start wondering how to do that. You will need to be very quick for you to successful in meeting the client’s demands and this will require you to do undertake some certain exercises on this area where you may try to find ways on how to create the correct content for the voiceover script as well as undertake the voice recording and analyzing within the shortest period. All these can be perfected by just practicing and therefore you need to find the voice over exercises and try to implement what you will learn in those exercises. If you can’t cope with the task on your own, feel free to get from our audio voice over and video transcription services.

Now with our voice over exercises – improve your pronunciation, you will be in a position to provide your clients with quality voiceover files that will no doubt meet their requirements and needs.

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