Promotional Video Production for a Cosmetics Company

There’s more to selling cosmetics than showing a pretty picture of a beautiful woman and expecting the general public to run into the shops and buy your products. In fact, there’s much more to it than that. Especially if you’re releasing a new, previously unheard of product, you’re going to need to hire a voice over artist to work on your promotional video production. A sleek video combined with the perfect voice can boost your sales like no other advertising method.


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Why You Need to Narrate Your Cosmetics Company Promo Video

The cosmetics industry is jam-packed with hundreds of rival companies offering similar products and you already know how hard it is to get noticed. Adding a promotional video script narrated by a consummate professional will add a glossy sheen that’ll attract customers like never before. Consider the benefits below just for starters.

  • A highly skilled voice actor will bring your video to life, encouraging your target audience to investigate your product further. Watch any marketing ad with the sound turned off and you’ll see straight away how vital the audio side of things really is.
  • Using a vocal track on top of your visual and textual prompts gives your viewers another means by which to receive your message. Your call to action will have a much greater impact if it’s narrated by a talented voice actor.
  • As the average viewer watches your commercial, they will have a number of questions beginning to form in their heads. You can use a voice over to answer the most likely frequently asked questions as the video plays.
  • The right voice can add a high degree of trustworthiness that you simply won’t achieve using visual cues alone. Choosing the proper accent and tone are tasks that professional vocal artists relish. They’ll help you send out the appropriate message to your target audience.
  • Using multiple forms of communication will automatically increase your viewers’ attention span. If your visual content doesn’t draw them in, then your spoken narrative just might. You have to cast a wide net to catch the most fish, after all, and the same applies here.

promotional video production helpWhat We Offer

You need a corporate promo video to pop out of the screen and the only way to do this properly is to add a professionally narrated promotional video script to your ad. We offer the finest service you can imagine at a price you can scarcely believe.

  • We hire our talented voice actors directly so if there’s a particular professional you’ve got your eye on, they’re yours to use without issue.
  • We offer a range of male and female voices of all kinds, meaning that you’ll surely find a voice that suits your ad perfectly. Browse our free samples to see for yourself.
  • We don’t waste our efforts on excessive marketing to promote a sub-standard service. Instead, our focus is on simply providing both high quality and cheap voice overs in the business.
  • In order to make it onto our esteemed team, every prospective voice actor has to pass a rigorous battery of tests, thus ensuring only the highest quality of service. Only the very best pass muster with us.
  • We can deal with any worries or concerns you might have at any time of night or day as our highly skilled technical support team works around the clock, 24/7. Whatever your problem, they’ll have a solution that’ll work for you.
  • We provide a comprehensive, 100% customer care guarantee. In the unlikely event that you’re unhappy with the work you receive, we will put things right.
  • Although we’ve done plenty of work with larger, more well-established companies, our true passion and focus is on helping small businesses and startups to reach their full potential. To this end, we offer competitive prices that are affordable for any company, no matter what its current financial state.


$24.78/60 words


$14.39/30 sec


$30.39/30 sec

Promotional video production is about far more than just having great visual content. You need to supplement this with a top quality vocal track that inspires your target audience to purchase your products. This is especially important in extremely competitive sectors like the beauty industry. For better or worse, it takes much more than having a sublime product to succeed at meeting your makeup sales objectives. Your advertising material needs to stand head and shoulders above that of the competition. Make sure you cover all your bases when you’re working on a short promotional video production.

Sample Script:

It’s a great day for you to raise your game. The new Eyelash Mascara works for all lash types, whether fine, straight, or light in color. It sculpts every single lash into a striking and bold set of lashes. It’s perfect for me, for you, for everyone. Look just those girls on he covers of the magazine and celebrate the beauty of your eyelashes with the new Carbon Black mascara from Your Cosmetics Company. It’s more than a mascara; it’s tight at the root, it fans out at the tip and gives you twice the volume. It’s the new Carbon Black mascara from Your Cosmetics Company, the only makeup you trust.

Meet all your targets and much more besides when you hire our expert narrators.

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