Animated Promotional Video for Your Design Company

Whether your company is engaged in the design of furniture, clothing or whatever else, the use of a sleek and professional animated promotional video can work wonders for your sales numbers. Adding a confident and smooth-sounding voice to your animation will complete the effect. Show your clients exactly what you’re capable of when you make an expertly narrated promo video like no other.


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Add a Professional Touch to Your Promotional Animation Video

It’s abundantly clear that the development of a promotional animation video differs significantly from that of a typical live-action advertisement. It’s very difficult to get your message across using animation if you don’t involve a witty, funny or emotional voice actor. Think about the positives of using a voice over narration and sure you make the point you intended.

  • Adding a top-quality voice to a commercial video for design company purposes means that your animated sequence really comes to life and draws the attention of even the least interested viewers. Animation alone has to be really good to attract the requisite number of clients, so it’s best to include some vocal stimuli and sound effects to improve your conversion rate.
  • A highly skilled voice actor will bring your video to life, encouraging your target audience to investigate your product further. Watch any marketing ad with the sound turned off and you’ll see straight away how vital the audio side of things really is.
  • Using narration as a complementary method of communication to add to your visual and textual information permits you two bites of the apple. The effect of your unique call to action will be boosted if you deliver it in a range of formats.
  • When typical viewers watch your ad, the questions that arise are much the same regardless of the personality and other characteristics of the potential client. Another way in which vocal artists provide a boost to your revenue is by explaining the most important points and answering the most pressing questions in a subtly different way than the method employed by the visual aspect of your advertisement.
  • Good design is obvious and your prospective clients will recognize your talents right away. However, you’ll still need to build that extra layer of trust required for potential clients to collaborate with you time and time again. Professional vocal artists will help you send out the appropriate message to your target audience.
  • Using different approaches to attract your viewers’ attention is wise. If your visual content doesn’t interest them for some reason, then an engaging script narrated by a true professional just might.

animated promotional video for designers

Reasons to Choose Us

There are plenty of voice over services out there but none of them can compare to the benefits we offer as a standard part of our operations. Putting together a successful commercial video for design company needs is rather difficult without an engaging narrator. Consider the reasons below for hiring one of our highly skilled professionals.

  • We recruit our uniquely talented vocal artists directly so you can employ anyone you see on our website quickly and easily.
  • In order to make sure we offer only the best narrators, every prospective employee goes through a thorough testing period. Only the finest vocal artists remain.
  • Our technical support team works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that you can get your most pressing questions answered at the drop of a hat, no matter what time it is.
  • We provide a customer care guarantee that secures your rights fully. Though it’s unlikely to be the case, if you’re unsatisfied with the vocal track you receive, we will do our utmost to rectify all problems.
  • We offer a range of voices from both genders and all ages, including children, meaning that you’ll definitely find a voice that matches your company’s needs. Listen to our free samples and hear for yourself.
  • We don’t believe in blowing our budget all on marketing costs. We’d rather focus on getting you access to the best voice over ppt professionals in the business at the lowest prices.
  • Our focus is on helping startup companies to fulfil their lofty objectives as efficiently as they can. You’ll find our rates to be reasonable, no matter what your company’s budget might be.

Your short promotional video will garner the most attention if it’s narrated by a truly professional and highly skilled vocal performer. We provide you with direct access to the finest voice over artists available and our customer service is second to none. Whatever you hope to achieve, we’re with you every step of the way.


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$14.39/30 sec


$30.39/30 sec

Sample Script

See the world from a different perspective with Nano Studios. Feel the soft embrace of perfect style and enjoy the aura of innovation enveloping you. Using the latest technology, we design outstanding interiors for all kinds of homes, whether cosy and traditional or angular and modern. Quality is our number one priority and we’re taking you along with us. Come and see what we can do for you and your home. You won’t recognize the place when our skilled pro designers have carefully developed a plan to beautify your favorite rooms. Give us a call and see what Nano Studios can do for you.

Make the most of your opportunities by adding a stunning vocal track to your animated promotional video. Hiring the right voice over artist will make all the difference.


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