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Convenience is king these days but there’s much more to online grocery shopping than shaving a few minutes off a vital task. Customers care about all sorts of factors when it comes to their groceries. As well as price, they’re going to be thinking about matters of hygiene, the origin of their produce and much more besides. Make sure that your business promo video hits all the right notes by adding confidence with expert voice over service to coax potential customers into giving you a call.


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Using Promotional Videos for Business Growth

One of the best ways to leverage the development of promotional videos for business growth is to include a top-quality voice over artist in the mix. There are all sorts of reasons for which a skilled voice actor can boost the visibility of your online grocery shopping store with one of the best promo videos, whether it’s an enthusiastic and engaging delivery or a well-timed catchphrase.


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  • Visual communication is not enough on its own if you watch to capture your audience’s interest fully. It’s not likely that your video can stand up on its own two feet without any kind of additional stimulus like a voice over track. Hiring a professional vocal artist who knows exactly what to do is a wise choice. Advertisements without sound just aren’t worth your customers’ time.
  • The proper application of a vocal sound track will turn passive viewers into active customers. Engage them with the spoken word and watch how people flock to purchase their groceries from you. A well-timed call to action delivered by a consummate professional is sometimes all you need to succeed.
  • You can boost the efficacy of the message you hope to transmit by using a professional vocal artist at precisely the right moments. We provide you with voice over experts who understand what it takes to create the perfect commercial.
  • Most people have a predictable set of questions for you once they’ve watched a typical commercial. Whether it’s all about the suppliers you use or the organic status of your produce, you can use a voice over to highlight the most salient points that separate your business from that of your rivals. Don’t waste a moment when you have a point to make.
  • People buy from certain producers rather than others as a result of the trust they place in said producers. If you take the proper approach and use a voice over with a trustworthy tone of voice, you could find yourself becoming a major supplier of fruit and vegetables all around the country.

business promo video servicesWhy You Should Pick Us

We are dedicated to providing the very best voice actors for all kinds of promotional work. Consider our finest qualities as outlined below and see why your online grocery shopping store promo video will shine when you hire a professional voice over artist with us.

  • We hire our talented voice actors directly so if there’s a particular professional you’ve got your eye on, you can employ them right away.
  • We work with all kinds of male and female voice over artists, both adults and children, meaning that you’ll surely find a voice that suits your ad down to the ground. Take a look at our free online samples and see if anything takes your fancy.
  • We don’t squander vital resources on anything that’s superfluous to our goal of promoting the best possible narration service. That’s why we can afford to link you up with the finest voice actors in the business without charging you a small fortune.
  • Every voice actor we employ has to pass a rigorous battery of tests. Few emerge unscathed and that’s how we can offer only the very best professionals in the field of vocal performance arts.
  • We can manage your worries or concerns whenever they might arise. Our top notch support team works diligently and professionally every hour under the sun and even after it has set over the horizon, in other words 24/7.
  • We provide a comprehensive, 100% customer care guarantee. In the unlikely event that you’re unhappy with the work you receive, we will put things right.
  • We want to play a role in developing small businesses and startups rather than working solely with mega-corporations so we offer competitive prices that are affordable for your company, no matter what state you find yourself in.

If you want to grow your grocery business promo video material absolutely must include a vocal track. People respond to convincing arguments best when they’re laid out by the spoken voice. When it comes to growing your business promo video voice overs are a vital addition to your arsenal. Hire the best in the business and watch your company flourish.


$24.78/60 words


$14.39/30 sec


$30.39/30 sec

Sample Script

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Make the most of your opportunities when you’re trying to reach your clients by hiring a professional vocal artist who knows exactly how to express your needs.




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