Voice Over for Radio: Tips and Tricks

It takes a special kind of talent to record a voice over for radio ads. If you’re looking for a professional narrator to breathe some enthusiasm into your advertising copy, you’ll need to know exactly what to look for. We provide highly skilled voice actors with a vast wealth of experience of adding that special sauce to otherwise dull ads and doing podcast voice over. Consider the tips and tricks here and you’ll find the perfect professional for your needs.

Why You Need to Record a Radio Commercial Voice Over

People listen to the radio all the time, whether they’re at work on driving in their cars. It’s a great medium through which to gain exposure for your company. The right narrator voice can break through the so-called fourth wall and really bring your ad to life, leading to a boost in your sales. When you record a stunning voice over radio ads are the best way to attract a new set of clients.

Creating a Catchy Script

When you’re writing radio voice over script, you have to remember that your listeners cannot see you. There’s no visual component at all, so you’re going to have to rely solely on the quality of your message and how it’s delivered. Advertisement narration requires a very specific voice, so browse through our radio voice over samples and you’ll soon find a voice actor who fits your requirements.

There are so many radio stations from which to pick that you’re really spoilt for choice. As radio reaches up to 93% of Americans on a weekly basis, you’ll find that the right combination of script and vocal artist will pay off in dividends. Choosing a script that fits your target audience for each radio station is a smart thing to do.

Make sure that your script repeats the most important information several times so that even casual listeners get your company’s details in their heads. If this information is easy to remember, then that’s even better. As you know, vanity numbers are very frequently used on radio and you should try to do the same if you can fit a catchy phrase into the alphanumeric system typical of telephones.

If you’re advertising in a small town or you have a premises located near a very recognizable landmark, use this information to your advantage as part of your commercial. If it doesn’t involve much effort to locate your business, customers will be far more likely to make the trip.


$24.78/60 words


$14.39/30 sec


$30.39/30 sec

Tips for Choosing the Right Voice Actor

Any radio commercial voice over worth recording must use a specially written radio voice over script that takes into account the idiosyncrasies of this format. When you combine this understanding with the outstanding work of a consummate professional, you’ll have a commercial to be proud of. Consider the tips below when choosing a voice actor with whom you’d like to work.

  • Choose a voice that sounds clear, with well-enunciated consonants and vowels that are no chore to understand. Any good radio commercial also uses a voice that’s not too fast and not too slow. Make sure you have your Goldilocks moment and choose a voice that’s just right.
  • You have to attract listeners right off the bat so pick a voice that’s perfectly audible. You don’t necessarily want to use a voice that’s too brash and obnoxious-sounding, but you certainly don’t want to use a voice that’s as quiet as a mouse.
  • Your goal is to sell your products or services. You need a voice that’s convincing and believable rather than a cheesy voice that makes your commercial sound like a typical sales pitch. Check that your chosen vocal artist has the right tone for your requirements.

qualitative voice over for radio

What We Offer

It takes a particular kind of vocal talent to record the sort of voice over radio ads require in order to be successful. We have worked with a number of top radio commercial producers, supplying voice actors for some of the most catchy ads ever to air. See what we have to offer below and find out why our services are worth your attention.

  • We provide expertly trained vocal talents of both genders with a wealth of experience in all kinds of radio content from commercials to interviews. Whether you need to take a serious tone for a medical promotion or or you want a light-hearted, comedic delivery that really gets stuck in people’s heads, we’ll get you what you need.
  • Our prices are second to none. You simply won’t find a cost-effective solution to all your needs elsewhere. We cut out the middleman and employ our vocal talent directly, meaning that we can afford to drop our rates without sacrificing a drop of quality.
  • We offer a comprehensive customer care guarantee that leaves you fully protected in the unlikely event that you’re unsatisfied with the final product. We will always do everything we can do to make sure you’re completely happy with your voice actor’s work.

Browse through the numerous high-quality radio voice over samples uploaded by our top vocal artists and see what you can find.


Choose your smooth voice over from professional female voice over talents.


Find your best male voice in variety of our male voice over demos from professional actors!


Check amazing kids voices from young voice over talents!

Recording voice over for radio requires a very specific skill set in order to be successful. Choose one of our highly able professionals at a price you can afford no matter what your company’s budget. We are proud to offer the finest vocal services at the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere online, all without sacrificing a single ounce of quality. There are no difficult tasks for us, will do spanish voice over or any other type, you want. Hire a professional voice actor for your radio commercial and your client list will grow like there’s no tomorrow.

Hire a professional vocal actor to record your voice over for radio. Reach a whole new set of customers and watch your business grow.

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