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Social media is taking up an increasingly large proportion of our daily lives and a great deal of this involves watching short films on YouTube. Whatever your chosen niche, to become a popular content producer on YouTube voice over talent is an absolute necessity. If you’re no good at narrating your videos yourself, find a professional to complete this vital task. But you need to remember You Tube voice over is very different from documentary voice over or any other types, so think what do you really need.


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Why You Need a Voice Over for YouTube Videos

Online videos are becoming more and more popular as a form of entertainment. More than a third of all internet users watch videos on YouTube and its content reaches more 18-49-year olds than all the American cable TV stations combined.

If you want to join the ranks of best content producers, you’ll need a voice over for YouTube videos. Once you’ve written a text narrator professionals will bring it to life and attract thousands of more viewers than you otherwise could.

How Voice Overs Work

If you’re wondering how to do voice over for YouTube videos, you’ve come to the right place. We supply a range of vocal artists suitable for all kinds of narrative work, including those who specialize in the creation of interesting and engaging online videos. Learn how to do voice over for YouTube videos by following the example of the best narrators in the business.

There are a number of different types of videos that require narration for the best possible effect. These genres differ significantly from the kinds of material produced for traditional documentaries and feature films. Typical video types that are best when supplemented by a top-quality voice actor are as follows.

  • Unboxing, where the channel host replicates the excitement you feel as you open a long-awaited gift. This is a typical video style for fashion bloggers and tech enthusiasts.

  • “Draw My Life” is an approach whereby the channel host attempts to tell the audience all about their lives using a whiteboard and some off-screen narration. This is a perfect opportunity in which to use a highly skilled professional voice actor.
  • Challenges are a common feature on YouTube and they have a certain game show-like feel to them, making them ideal for inclusion as part of a project using a voice over.

The Most Popular YouTubers Are Using Voice Overs

You’ll quickly see that the most-watched videos online are far more than just animated or live action content plus an audio recording of some sort. The finest content you’ll see on YouTube is often worthy of a professional studio despite being made by so-called amateurs. The first thing these guys learned was when and how to add voice over on YouTube; it’s the most important part of melding the best of your audio and visual content together to create the perfect scene.

There tend to be two approaches when it comes to adding a voice over to videos: the conversational and the announcement styles. Whereas the conversational approach adopts a lighthearted slant on what is essentially a documentary style of narration, the announcement style is far more like a commercial sales pitch.

Both approaches can work wonderfully, but your success really depends on your objectives and whether they match the needs of your viewers. If your audience is looking to purchase a product like yours, then the salesy style typical of announcers is fine, but if they are watching to be entertained, you should give them what they want by using a more conversational tone.

Boosting Business with YouTube

It’s been consistently shown that having an online presence does wonders for your company’s bottom line. The first thing you need to know is how to add voice over on YouTube. When you hire a top narrator, you won’t have to ask yourself “what programs do I need for a voice over for videos on YouTube?” Instead, you’ll receive a high-quality audio track that you can simply add to your video without much trouble at all.

the best one youtube voice over

Choosing the Right Voice Actor

The first thought of many novice video creators is “what programs do I need for a voice over for videos on YouTube?” When you work with a consummate professional, you won’t need to worry about any of this as you’ll have the perfect audio track to add to your video. You won’t need to edit or improve it in any way. Consider the pointers below and choose the right voice actor for your needs.

  • Pick someone you can really hear as being the one true voice of your brand. If their delivery is believable to you, it’ll surely be well-received by your target audience. Just remember to be honest with yourself when making this call.
  • Consider whether you need a male or female voice, or on the contrary, whether it matters to you at all. Some topics are better received by certain audiences if they sound like they’re coming from a particular demographic. You may not agree with this, but stereotypes and prejudices play a large role in how your products and services will be perceived.
  • Always look at a voice actor’s previous work. You can get a good idea of what they’re capable of if you do your research properly. We provide multiple samples of each of our vocal artist’s work so you can choose confidently.
  • Decide whether you want your video to present a problem and then a solution or to tell a story that’ll resonate with your audience. Some voice actors naturally gravitate towards being better at one approach than the other.


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There’s plenty to think about when you’re hiring a vocal professional to record your YouTube voice over. We offer a cost-effective service provided by some of the finest vocal artists available anywhere online and they will record for you anything you need, voiceover powerpoint is not a big deal for them. Consider all of your options and make the right choice for your company’s YouTube channel.

Boost your company’s online presence by recording a YouTube voice over track for your promotional material. Make the right choice and customers will flock to you.

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